Help us support drought prevention in Ethiopia

Help us support drought prevention in Ethiopia



  • £69.3K Target
  • £36.5K Raised
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Global MapAid wants to start by building a local team in Ethiopia, to map the land that could be irrigated and where coverage could be improved - an irrigation support map.


The target is £101,625 to make this happen.


Already, we have received £17,000 anonymously, while the UK Space Agency gave us £15,294 so we are over 30% of the way there!


With this, we have achieved: A) partnerships with a local university and agro-NGOs and B) a proof-of-concept map of microcredit, proving a successful Ethiopian team.


So, the final GB £69,331 will enable us to build a sustainable team and then a nationwide map.

And then our team will make the irrigation support map available to the UN and aid system. The mapping will show where access to financial and technical irrigation support, mostly to 22 million women farmers, is vitally needed.